Insane AND stoopid

I saw a news item today about a Florida preacher that plans to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11 with a book burning of the Qu’ran at the church he is pastor of. Just the suggestion of that has already caused riots and the retaliatory burning of US flags in Afghanistan, Iraq and a host of other countries. There will be deaths on both sides and the end result will simply be further suffering.

More weeping mothers in a dozen countries. And why?

What exactly is this fool trying to achieve? The church he claims to represent promotes love, mutual understanding and the teachings of the Word of their God. Burning religious texts goes beyond national boundaries and government, it strikes to the very heart of Faith, whichever one you believe. Or don’t. It is, quite simply, a call to war. And in response? ‘They’ show righteous anger at the thought (as would most Christians) of their most sacred texts being destroyed in a public act of dishonor. But still, these protesters choose to dishonor the U.S. flag, not the faith of its people.

I have yet to hear of any terrorist (or the mosque across the street) burning a single bible.

Even ‘they’ have respect for the deeply held religious beliefs of others. This man of God should hang his head in shame for the pain he will cause on both sides.

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  1. Of course, in the good-old ‘fire and brimstone’ days, there was always a solution available for zealots like this..

    The clouds would’ve parted, and through them would’ve come poking this colossally huge, totally-large finger pointing right at him. There would’ve been some thunder and lightening thrown in to astonish the onlooking hosts, probably a few rainbows, and some sounds, usually ‘like unto those of rushing winds’. And then, then, just before that zealot could start his book-burning, the owner of that big, totally-large finger would’ve spoken in a totally-large dark-brown voice, and then he would’ve smitten him, smitten him hip and bleedin’ thigh, …..right then and there…….and that would have been that.

    It’s true, it must be, because I read about it all in a book, and books don’t lie. But the last I heard, the owner of the colossally big finger hasn’t been heard of since 1914. He still has a lot of fans, though, and every few weeks two guys knock on my door and want to talk to me about him, about him and his son……..

  2. You know, I find it amusing to picture an army of true believers spending their weekends knocking on doors, two by two, waving their photos and asking “Have you seen this man?” Talk about a mixed message.

    I wonder, did they leave Him somewhere or did He just wander off? From the pictures, He’s clearly not a young man any more. Perhaps the police could help, the Tweedles Dumb and Dee should file a report.

    Once He is found, I wonder what the buggers will do with their weekends.

  3. If we are to believe the prophets Derek and Clive, he’s probably with his Lad, and wankin’ down Lambeth…….

    Transmitted sans iPhone

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