Learning to drive

A scary thing happened to me on the way home from work the other day. I pulled up at an intersection, right behind a driving school car. I could clearly see the learner and his instructor. To my horror I saw that both were wearing hats! OMG, the blind leading the blind is an old phrase but freakishly accurate. As I sat there waiting for them to move off I saw them each pointing in a variety of directions, blissfully unaware of the traffic building up behind them. This went on for over a minute. Long enough for a good half dozen vehicles to be stalled at the tumbleweed-empty intersection on Hwy 3. Normally, one would assume the instructor was pointing out important things and they were discussing scenarios. Based on my theory and experience, it is more likely they were deciding which way to go next. Since one of the directions was up, either the discussion had ranged to the need to yield for oncoming aircraft or the car was about to spread wings. I started to worry. Eventually, they decided they were going straight across the intersection, and off they went. They were narrowly missed by a truck. Which are louder, do you think? Air horns or air brakes?

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