Is it just me that attracts these things?

I’m new to blogging but I fully expected a certain amount of spam comments and replies. It goes with the territory. Anyone that puts their head above the Internet wall can expect a few sniper shots. I got one last week from a person claiming they could make me and my visitors rich within a week, simply by following a link and yadda yadda yadda. Well, you guess correctly that I trashed it on the spot. Imagine my surprise today when I checked my comments and there was an angry post from that sender, asking me why I deleted it when all he was trying to do is make people rich and stuff. I’m used to spam, but spam with menaces is a new one on me. Screw that, thought I, and retaliated. I’m what you could call ‘a bit of a techie’. Instead of blocking the IP both messages came from, I traced it. A professional spammer would neither waste the time nor risk contacting a site owner, so it’s quite possible he’s dumb enough to use his actual IP, not a spoofed one: If so, he has a pretty long plane journey ahead before he can egg my windows. I won’t lose any sleep just yet.

If I get a repeat performance I’ll post a Google Street view of the buggers house for all to see. Paybacks are a bitch. If that person happens to read this, please try me. I’m sure my visitors are all dying to know what kind of car you drive. 🙂

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