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Brother Lee Love

After our recent Friday 13th trip to Port Dover, the edible Nikki and I went to London to visit my family. This was the first time they had met Nikki, and as we had not showered for two days (camping!)

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Hats? Don’t get me started about hats…

…as a time served veteran of the UK/Europe/Canada highway system I hereby claim my right to An Opinion and here it is: People that wear hats while driving are a danger to themselves and others. They should be taken outside and have their keys hidden in the body cavity of your choice and told to walk home without removing them.

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Oil be buggered

One specially for my friend Mike M. Now the fuss is dying down I can vent this. Debate the following: Environmental issues aside, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was not all bad. Between the insurance payouts, the

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Friday the 13th in Port Dover

I just spent two nights under canvas with the edible Nikki in the sleepy town of Port Dover. For that weekend it was turned inside out and upside down by thousands upon thousands of hairy, sweaty, middle aged bikers. Oh,

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Today at work

I provide IT tech support for an unnamed Fortune 500 company. Don’t ask who, I won’t say. If you know me then you already know and if you don’t it doesn’t matter. More important are confidentiality and professionalism and all that good stuff, plus

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Blog ergo sum

This is a multilingual society. I speak two languages fluently. English and BS. When asked if I speak French, I reply with a smile, “Oui, je suis un lapin de onze ans”. Based on the expression on the face of

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And so it begins…

Well, I’ve been putting this off for some time now but OK, I give. I’m going to start using this blog for the purpose I created it: Venting. First vent? I apparently have a small following of readers that visit this site

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