Things to worry about

Why do you have to regularly cut your hair and shave, but your armpit hair knows when to stop growing?

If a doctor has a heart attack during surgery, would the other doctors work on the doctor or the original patient?

If laughter is the best medicine, why do so many people allegedly die laughing?

How can you expect children to fall asleep when you sing "Rock-a-bye Baby" to them? The song is about a crib and baby falling out of a tree. It doesn't surprise me that the poor things fill their diapers and cry.


I have worked for many companies and clients over the years. Here are a selection of the more printable comments that have been put in writing by some of them:

It was beautiful....the photo you re-touched was commented on by everyone. And it was the loveliest of all the photos in the Tribune. Your work touched many. -
RoseAnn Waters
Impact Media Marketing

I love it, we need to do it in color. Black & white doesn't do it justice. I don't know what was discussed regarding it but it is awesome.

Edith Wagner
Office Manager
Port Colborne-Wainfleet
Chamber of Commerce

Carl: Thanks . that is living proof that spell check is not the only one that should be checking the content, as well I never really thought people read those things, you proved me wrong again.

Thanks - made the change.

Kate Leigh
Councillor Ward 4
City of Port Colborne

Good Morning Carl,
You are my HERO!! I love it!! Looks very professional and classy and snappy and alot of good information! Thank-you so much. REALLY like the "bottom line" line under our DIVA....coolness she can "talk"!

Joan Walker, ICE Systems Inc.

Hi, Carl:

Thanks for your telephone message and e-mail.

How astute! After years of correcting consumers -- telling them it's "Riplees," not "Ripples," I can't believe I did that! To my knowledge, honest, it's the first time ever -- further confirmation, I'm sure, of approaching old age and senility. Drat! The other error (.comm"), I was aware of and intended to correct, for the next run.

Luckily, I did not order thousands. They are prepared by the copy centre, at Office Depot, 600 fliers at a time (3 up). Total cost $24.00, both sides. Nonetheless, those remaining will have to be discarded. Most importantly, however, you have limited my embarrassment to the first 250 fliers distributed. We appreciate your sharp eye and quick reporting -- score one, Gyst 4 Fun!

Looking forward to making your acquaintance, Carl.

Friendly regards,
Dennis Miller, Managing Partner

Hi Carl

We’re now distributing our brochures, thanks to you.
They look pretty damn good.
I haven’t seen your invoice for your efforts.

I’m thinking of reworking our website professionally. Are you interested? How much will it cost?

Happy Easter!

Warmest regards
Nexxa Industries Ltd

From the Desk of JTG Systems:

Your work is exactly as I had envisioned it in my head… the skills possessed by Carl Green are unbelievable- I have seen Examples of his work and the photos he has edited. Just breath taking.

Awesome Job Carl and I look Forward to using you on a regular basis for all my Graphic design needs!

John Gallie

Hi Carl!

That is WONDERFUL!!!!!! Your arrangement is great! The only change we will have to make is to take out the logo...I contacted the national office to see if I could use the logo, and that is to be used for info coming out of the foundation only, so we can't use it. We can have the heading, though..."A single dream. A world of hope. The Terry Fox Foundation", and I think it will be great! I love the background! Thanks, Carl. I am so happy with this!

The Terry Fox Foundation

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