Things to worry about

There are approximately 250,000 spiders in an average acre of farmland

They say you cannot touch your left elbow with your left wrist. This is incorrect. All you need do is break your arm.

Your body replaces every cell in your body each seven years. So why don't scars disappear?

Statistically, chances of winning the lottery are about the same as surviving a skydive without a parachute. I will offer those odds to any winner willing to test their luck again

About Gyst 4 Fun

Gyst was an ill-fated attempt to make technology accessible in Port Colborne. We had over 20 networked computers playing head-to-head tournaments, pool contests, charity events, an all night LAN party and even a double-header student band night.

Girl with Fan by GYST ServicesThe doors were opened to an unsuspecting public in December 2004 and yours truly practically lived there from that point on. We had rave reviews from the press, the parents and the students that poured through the doors. The Mayor welcomed us personally and we built the web site for the local Chamber of Commerce, the BIA and the Golf Club. Everybody loved us. We even had our own fan site. With a membership of over three hundred everyhing looked to be going well. It wasn't. Although everybody agreed it was a fantastic idea, they also agreed the location was completely wrong.

Less than a year after opening the doors, they were closed again. Since that time, not much has happened. The company effectively closed the doors and ceased trading.

This is unfortunate. Although the physical company is no more, this site will remain as a testament to the idea of doing something purely for fun and those that loved the place. It will be used to good effect as I, Carl Green, rant and rave about pretty much anything I want to, since I don't have to be nice to anybody anymore, so there. I can tell it as I see it. Love me or loathe me, I'm here to stay. Read on if you are not easily offended.

I am still working hard with tech support and graphic design, but with a more select, slightly saner range of clients. I will always make room for work. Feel free to call.

You can still contact me at 289-228-GYST, or email me here if you have need or to chat.

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