Things to worry about

Sylvester Stallone was not training when he ran up and down those steps in Rocky. He was lost. You can only be punched in da head so many times, you know?

When you get those cool looking chinese symbols tattoed across your back, how sure are you that you really know what they say?

If kids are not supposed to take candy from strangers why do we send them out in packs armed with garbage bags every Halloween?

If American Football is a mans' game, why do they wear Spandex and sniff each others butts?

Fun Stuff

We have had a lot of fun over the years. Some of it we can even talk about in polite company. Here are a couple of things you might get a kick out of. Or not.

This GALLERY shows photos of a recent antenna installation. As yours truly was holding the camera, he isn't in many of the photos. Probably for the best. Bad hair day. If you ever find yourself in need of a daredevil photographer, give me a call!





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